2023 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (ICAIE 2023)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

2023 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education(ICAIE 2023)  will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

◕ Artifical Intelligence

◔ Technologies   and Application of Artificial Intelligence

◔ Basic   Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence

◔ Intelligent data analysis

◔ Intelligence and artificial intelligence control

◔ Intelligent Automation

◔ Machine   learning

◔ Machine   Learning Processing

◔ Data mining and machine learning tools

◔ AI Algorithms

◔ Artificial Intelligence tools & Applications

◔ Knowledge   Science and Knowledge Engineering

◔ Machine   Learning and Data Mining

◔ Machine   Perception and Virtual Reality

◔ Artificial   intelligence and education

◔ Artificial   intelligence algorithms in education

◔ Artificial   neural networks in education

◔ Educational   robotics

◔ Natural   Language Processing and Understanding

◔ Neural   Network and Deep Learning

◔ Neural   Networks and Complex Systems

◔ Mode   Recognition and Logic Program

◔ Information   Retrieval and Web Search

◔ Intelligent   Planning and Scheduling

◔ Intelligent   Control

◔ Intelligent Computing and Chips

◔ Intelligent agents on the internet

◔ Intelligent   tutoring systems

◔ Intelligent   virtual reality based learning systems

◔ Modeling and identification 

◔ Computer vision 

◔ Data mining

◔ Intelligent database systems  

◔ Evolutionary data mining

◔ Intelligent System Architectures

◔ Pervasive computing and ambient intelligence

◔ Programming Languages

◔ Network Intelligence Applications and Search

◔ Other Related Topics

◕ Education

◔ Information Education

◔ New Generations of Educational Technologies

◔ Mobile learning

◔ Formal and informal learning

◔ Distance education, teaching

◔ E-learning

◔ Smart learning environment

◔ Distributed learning environment

◔ CSCL technology

◔ Instructional design

◔ Digital evaluation

◔ Computer-mediated Communication

◔ Educational Multimedia

◔ Blended Learning

◔ E-Learning Platforms and Tools E

◔ Personalized teaching system

◔ Content writing technology

◔ Educational Technology System Architecture

◔ Learning Resources Retrieval, Application, Organization and   Management

◔ Educational Technology System Development Technology

◔ Model and Architecture of Educational Technology System

◔ Distance learning system

◔ E-learning standard

◔ Artificial Intelligence and Open Learning

◔ Human-Computer Interaction in Teaching System

◔ Educational Knowledge Management Technology

◔ Data mining, text mining and web mining in education

◔ Simulation in learning

◔ Intelligent Mentor System

◔ Multi-agent system

◔ User modeling in e-learning

◔ Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Engineering

◔ Affective Computing in Education

◔ Semantic Web and service-based architecture

◔ Adaptive learning environment

◔ Electronic Performance Support System

◔ Educational Software and Hardware

◔ Collaboration and Communication Software

◔ Education software

◔ Education hardware

◔ Education Network

◔ Other Related Topics